Garden Care

When you want to have a beautifully manicured lawn and a flower garden that will bring many compliments, you have to engage in garden care. It doesn’t have to occupy all your time or be backbreaking work to have a garden that will be the envy of others.

First of all you have to prepare the soil in the garden. You have to make sure the soil is aerated so that it gets the proper amount of soil and water. Take a good look at the type of soil you have in the garden to see how it takes in the water. If you are not sure, pour a small amount of water on the soil and see how long it takes to soak in. If the water is not able to enter the soil, then you will have problems with anything you plant. An aerator is a manual device you can use to poke holes in the soil at varying intervals to make sure the water and air can get to the lower levels.

Once you know that the water and air can get through the soil, rake the grass or the soil in the flowerbeds. Then you can add fertilizer. When you mow the grass, do not mow too close to the ground. This will expose the roots and they could get sunburned and die during the hot weather. Mow the grass for the first time each season at the lowest level and then move it up to the next highest level. You should also mow at the lowest level in the fall before the first frost.

A one-time heavy watering of the garden is a lot better than just scant watering every now and then. Experts recommend that you give grass about 4 – 6 inches of water. Lawns and flowers need about an inch of water once a week, but if the weather is hot, you should water them every three days. The best time to water the garden is in the early morning or at night. At these times, the water doesn’t evaporate as easily.

When you water your plants, dig the soil around the plants to make it easier for the soil to soak up the water and the nutrients. You should also have a layer of mulch on top of the roots to prevent erosion.